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"Tom returned not once, but 2 more times to check my home for any remaining bed bugs. Thank god, there were none. Tom was always available, very professional and calmed my almost constant hysteria surrounding this entire ordeal. I still recommend Tom with any pest needs. He exceeded all my expectations."
Jody W.
“Tom’s professionalism and dedication in providing us outstanding customer service is very much appreciated. Thank you Tom for a job well done.”
Matt S.
“Mr. Tom Peckitt is an extraordinary individual, with impeccable professional mannerisms and he provided outstanding services.”
Suzanne G.
“My girlfriend and I recently had the pleasure of having Tom inspect our home for bedbugs...Over and above, kind, and more help than 'the other guys'”.
Phil B.
“I have subscribed to Tom’s pest control service for 3 years now and I cannot say enough good things. Tom is extremely knowledgeable and accessible. He has helped me with flies, squirrels, mice, spiders and wasps! He has a solution for any pest problem and is so responsive. I am very thankful to have found Peckitt Pest Solutions.”
Loan K.
"I recently had a neighbour point out that I had a massive hidden wasp's nest above my front door. Since bugs, especially the biting yellow and black variety freak me out, I immediately decided to call a professional. Tom came out the next day, a Sunday no less, and eradicated the little buggers for me. He was very thorough - checked all around my yard to make sure there were no other hives and hung a wasp trap on a tree where they liked to congregate. He even came by on the following Wednesday on his own time to check and make sure they had all been taken care of. The price was excellent considering the amount of wasps I was dealing with. He offers a 30 day guarantee to make sure the hive is dead.  I was beyond impressed with the service and quality of the work done!"
Kristen K.

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